Liang Manqi (Kate) was born in 1986 in Zhuhai, China. She graduated from China Academy Art (CAA) in 2009 and graduated from Die Universität der Künste Berlin (UdK) Master of Fine Art in 2012. She is currently working and living in Shanghai. Liang initiated a space project "Kate's Space" since 2013. This independent art project is intend to explore and discuss the young artists' life style and their continuous independent thinking. The Space Project and group exhibitions Liang has recently participated are: " Room 7 " , Banyan Art House, Hangzhou, 2013.09; " Underground ", solo exhibition, Dreamer House, Hangzhou, 2013.11; " The process of energy ", solo exhibition, Antenna Space, Shanghai, 2014.03; " Hip Square " Hutong project, Beijing, 2014.04; " Several Objective Relations " space project, Long Museum, Shanghai, 2014.06; " Floating Platform " space project , yueqing No.3HOUSE, Wenzhou, 2014.06; " Several Objective Relations " ARARIO MUSEUM Dongmun Motel, Jeju, Korea, 2014.12; " Begin from Chaos " Inna Contemporary Art Space, Hangzhou, 2014.12; " RED " Art Restaurant, Shanghai, 2014.12; " Fantasy Drama " space project,BIG space, Shanghai.