KWON Hayoun explores the vast potential of new media technology as it stretches across the spectrum of animation, documentary, 3D, and virtual reality (VR). Weaving stories of time, memory, identity, and exploring and reconfiguring boundaries as the real and the virtual intermingle, she poses questions and offers unique and unprecedented spatiotemporal experiences. By giving viewers an opportunity to personally enter these virtual spaces through VR technology, KWON's works allow for an individualized experience of a story, place and time. Her use of documentary technique in combination with animation and new technology enables a particularly modern take on mankind's continuing philosophical endeavors to define the real, all the while simultaneously blurring the lines between the real and virtual.


Born in Korea in 1981, KWON received her BA in plastic arts and her MA in visual art from France's Programme International Nantes Saint-Nazaire. She has gained recognition both from eminent international institutions and film festivals across the world, and is active in France and Korea.