[Art Fair] XU Bacheng: Nanjing Art Fair International 2020

The Second Edition of Nanjing Art Fair International, NAFI 2020 will be held in Nanjing International Expo Center starting today until Sunday 29 November 2020. Arario Gallery is delighted to present Xu Bacheng's two video works "The Island of Immortality" and "The Happiest Days of Our Lives".

As one of the most representative new media artists in China after 80s, XU BACHENG continues to focus on the diverse expressions of different media. He feels that there is a building in his heart, and sometimes he feels the process of making works is like dividing a lot of space in this building, and each space has its specific meaning. This is a very laborious task, and each space is very specific. As he grows in age and experience, his space will grow, the more compartments there will be, the more things will be in these compartments. The purpose of life is happiness, but only one path take him to the happiness. That is fulfilling and realizing his imagination.

Nanjing Art Fair International
2020. 11. 26 - 11. 29

26 November 2020
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