Sunpil Don, Figure Text: A Report on the Wonder Festival

Book 216 pages
Publisher: kitsutaiten
Dimensions: 230 x 150 mm

"Figure Text: A Report on the Wonder Festival" is a travelogue about the biggest figure festival held in Japan as well as criticism on figures by the artist Sunpil Don. "Figure Text" covers unique aspects of figures such as the production process, desires of the collectors, the trend of the 'bishojo' (beautiful girl) figure, the weight of a figure's time via a variety of scenes from the Wonder Festival. The survey ultimately leads to an expanded discussion on the figure by dealing with its sculptural aspects, a broader figure industry, and the society that made it possible.


Don's works are currently being exhibited at “PAF: Final Cut” exhibition at Arario Seoul, as one of the boundary-crossing works that expands the limits of design, fashion and art. The exhibition continues until May 16th.


Don held solo exhibitions at Art Sonje Center (Seoul, Korea) in 2020, ARARIO Museum in Space (Seoul, Korea) in 2019, TasteHouse (Seoul, Korea) in 2018, AVP (Seoul, Korea) in 2016. Participating in the group exhibitions were held at Daerim Museum (Seoul, Korea) in 2020, Danwon Art Museum (Ansan, Korea) in 2019, ARARIO Gallery Seoul I RYSE Hotel (Seoul, Korea), Grassi Museum (Leipzig, Germany) in 2018, The Print Room (London, UK) in 2017, Trading Post (Seoul, Korea) in 2016, SangSangMadang (Seoul, Korea) in 2015. DON participated in the Residency program at 14th SeMA Nanji Residency (Seoul, Korea) in 2020.

Sunpil Don, Figure Text: A Report on the Wonder Festival
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