Byun Soonchoel: Eternal Family


This is an exhibition catalogue for the solo exhibition "Eternal Family" by BYUN Soonchoel, a representative portrait photographer in Korea. The "Eternal Family" series serves as a virtual reunion of displaced people, who cannot be physically reunited, through the medium of photography. BYUN, who maintained a typological attitude in this series, similar to his existing works, captures their long-awaited longing by placing portraits of actual displaced people and their virtually restored families side by side in black and white photographs. The emotions of the subjects penetrating the screen and the subtle unnaturalness give us time to share our historical experiences again as we live in a contemporary society with the pain of war and division.


Eternal Family
Dimensions: 325 x 255 (mm)
Price: USD 30
Publisher: Arario Gallery (2018. 11)