• Since opening in 1989, Arario Gallery currently runs three spaces in Korea and China. Committed to discovering and promoting Asian artists in international arena, Arario Gallery has been challenging the climate of the contemporary art for the past thirty years. Embracing all genres of visual art, paintings, sculptures, film and installation, Arario represents an exciting roster of artists who are at the frontier of experimental art from the 1970s to the contemporaries, underlining dramatic history, culture and society of Asian region. Arario Gallery focuses on promoting Asian and international artists, especially through its space in Shanghai. In addition to diversifying artist portfolio, Arario has shown long-time commitment in incubating young artists who have been underrepresented. Arario Gallery now represents fifty artists from Korea, Japan, China, India and Southeast Asian countries based on the fundamental belief of encompassing diverse spectrum of generations in contemporary art and opening dialogues for creative pioneers.

  • Arario Gallery Seoul

    Arario Gallery Seoul

    ARARIO GALLERY SEOUL opened its doors in March 2014 with a solo exhibition by represented artist InbaiKim in Samcheong-dong, the center of Korean modern art. ARARIO GALLERY, which started in Cheonan, takes as its foothold a strong artist representation system and bold exhibition planning, and in doing so, has been active through Korea and Asia, and out to the greater global art world. ARARIO GALLERY SEOUL leads the front of the modern art scene together with local and international artists with a basis in the novelty and freshness of modern art, and seeks to communicate with even more of them. ARARIO GALLERY SEOUL has acted as a facilitator for artists through proactive discovery and support, and looking forward, aims to light a new fire and new energy in the Korean art scene through independent and inventive exhibition planning.From April 2018 to November 2019, ARARIO GALLERY opened a second exhibition space in Seoul in the Hongdaeneighborhood, ARARIO GALLERY SEOUL RYSE HOTEL. The project sought to develop and succeed the area’s experimental mindset, once a symbol of art. The experiments and ventures undertaken over the eighteen months of the RYSE HOTEL project will be continued and explored in further depth through the gallery’s current Samcheong-dong location, ARARIO GALLERY SEOUL.

  • Arario Gallery Shanghai

    Arario Gallery Shanghai

    From 2005 to 2012 in Beijing, ARARIO GALLERY ranked among the greatest galleries in China with groundbreaking exhibitions by various artists from across China, India and South East Asia. ARARIO GALLERY opened space at Hengshanfang, Shanghai from August 2014 to June 2017, and is relocating to Westbund, Shanghai in July 2017 to continue being a pioneer of modern art.With advantages of a broad network operation, Shanghai is an emerging city as Asia’s global art hub. ARARIO GALLERY hopes to reinforce its position as an influential gallery with its artists representing various nations in Asia.

    ARARIO GALLERY will provide a convenient entry for writing a meaningful history of contemporary art in Asia with exhibitions through its vivid and diverse projects collaborating with museums and incorporations. These projects carried out along with competitive artists from China and overseas will contribute to the diversity and vitality of the Chinese art scene.

  • Arario Gallery Cheonan

    Arario Gallery Cheonan

    ARARIO GALLERY Cheonan where can feel the president Chang-il Kim’s passion for art, has led to introduce various contemporary arts to Korea. The gallery Cheonan has contributed the advancement of regional cultural industry and extended vision of the art world through well-organized exhibition programs such as a typical pop-artist in the U.S, Keith Haring’s solo exhibition (2002), a rising German artist Sigma Polke’s solo exhibition(2004), group exhibition for artists based on Leipzig that inherit a tradition of Germany (2005), a solo exhibition of Hyung Koo Kang who is famous for a portrait drawn in realism (2007), a group exhibition for introduction contemporary art in Southeast Asia (2010), Chinese young artists’ group exhibition (2011),etc. The gallery Cheonan plans to make a various cultural program for people’s enjoyments as well as devote to the role of platform for the art of this region.