• Since its opening in 1989, ARARIO GALLERY has branched out across three spaces in Korea and China. Committed to discovering and promoting Asian artists in the international arena, Arario Gallery has been challenging the climate of contemporary art for the past thirty years. Embracing all genres of visual art, Arario represents an exciting roster of artists, from those that have been at the frontier of experimental art since the 1970s to contemporaries who underline the dramatic history, culture, and society of the Asian region through their practice. In addition to its diverse portfolio, the gallery has shown a long-time commitment to incubating and promoting young artists internationally. Arario Gallery now represents more than thirty artists from East Asia, including Korea, Japan, and China, as well as artists from Southeast Asia and India, based on the fundamental belief of encompassing diverse generations in contemporary art and opening dialogues for creative pioneers.

  • Arario Gallery Seoul

    Arario Gallery Seoul

    ARARIO GALLERY SEOUL opened its doors on March 2014 with a solo exhibition by KIM Inbai. Acting as a facilitator for artists through its efficient representation system, the gallery has rekindled the growth of the Korean art scene. Arario Gallery, which established its foothold as a leading contemporary art gallery in Korea and across Asia, continues to be at the forefront of the international art scene. A second exhibition space, ARARIO GALLERY SEOUL RYSE HOTEL, opened in the Hongdae neighborhood on April 2018. Running concurrently with its primary location in Samcheong-dong for 18 months until November 2019, the project sought to mirror the experimental spirit of the area through its bold and innovative exhibitions. The various experimentation and ventures carried out in the past spaces that ARARIO GALLERY SEOUL has occupied will continue to prevail through the gallery’s brand new location in Wonseo-dong, which opens on February 2023

  • Arario Gallery Shanghai

    Arario Gallery Shanghai

    ARARIO GALLERY SHANGHAI reopened its doors at West Bund Shanghai in October 2022. Designed by Kohei NAWA and SANDWICH, the new space encompasses not only exhibition spaces but also ALP (Art Lovers and Partners), an art and lifestyle store by Arario. The merging of the gallery and experimental multi-brand store into a dynamic art system in the area.

    From 2005 to 2012, ARARIO GALLERY ranked among the most significant galleries in China, with groundbreaking exhibitions by artists from China, India, and Southeast Asia. ARARIO GALLERY opened its space in Shanghai from August 2014 to June 2017 and relocated to West Bund in July 2017. With the advantages of an expansive network operation, Shanghai is an emerging city as Asia’s global art hub. ARARIO GALLERY hopes to reinforce its position as an influential gallery with its artists representing various nations in Asia.

    ARARIO GALLERY will provide a convenient entry for writing a meaningful history of contemporary art in Asia with exhibitions through its vivid and diverse projects collaborating with museums and incorporations. These projects, carried out along with competitive artists from China and overseas, will contribute to the diversity and vitality of the Chinese art scene.

  • Arario Gallery Cheonan

    Arario Gallery Cheonan

    ARARIO GALLERY CHEONAN has been integral in introducing contemporary art to Korea. The gallery has contributed to the advancement of its regional cultural industry and continues to extend the vision of the art world through numerous special exhibition programs. Some key exhibitions include solo exhibitions by KANG Hyung Koo (2007), Sigma Polke (2004), and Keith Haring (2002), as well as group exhibitions featuring young Chinese artists (2011) and contemporary Southeast Asian artists (2010) among many others. The Cheonan location aims to expand its cultural program for the enjoyment of a wider audience and to devote itself to being a representative platform for contemporary art both regionally and internationally.