16 January - 15 February 2021





For the final session of OPPO Art Jakarta Virtual, Arario Gallery is pleased to present curated selections from artists Leslie DE CHAVEZ (b.1978), Geraldine JAVIER (b.1970), and Eko NUGROHO (b.1977), who have been actively expanding the boundaries of contemporary art.


Leslie DE CHAVEZ (b. 1978) is an artist who cautiously unravels his own inquiry on sensitive topics like colonial history, religion, cultural imperialism, corrupt politics, revolution in which experienced by his native Philippines with expressive and intense paintings and sensuous installations. His work, captures the story of the past, the people living in the present, and the will for the future, which mainly constitutes a country of the contemporaneous Philippines and offers an extraordinary insight into the past and features an interesting and colorful expression of various critical points that are seen in contemporary society by mixed with religion and symbolic figures.


Geraldine JAVIER (b.1970) captures complex context of social, political, and historical circumstances which Philippines society was faced for decades, then reinterprets through her distinct perspective. Unlike her social-realist predecessors, Geraldine has variegated and extensive interests, who engaged in pursuing the personal and the idiosyncratic form of artistic expression. Geraldine’s works are full of tension and provocation, which are accumulation of cool, calculated sophistication with raw urban grit that influenced by international media and local pop culture. Geraldine constantly blends various types of material and media for her oeuvres, such as oil painting incorporated into installation art or combine multi-media object into canvas. Images of death, misery, dysfunctional relationships, and emotional violence are frequent subject matters that constantly depicted in Geraldine’s works, which are derived from her complex, viscous thoughts; and intimations, silent tensions and implosions of her art world. 


Eko NUGROHO (b.1977) was raised among the revolutionary environment of the 1990s Indonesian atmosphere and pour those experiences caused by the aftereffect of multiple civil revolutions into his work with a unique sense of humor and dazzling color and image. Ever since his days in Institut Seni Indonesia, he was deeply inspired by The city, Jogyakarta, which was full of desire for liberty and liberation and he tried to transform them into Street Graffiti and Street Propaganda, with the intention to follow those media pure intent to speak for the public and further, he has worked on a painting, Installation and theatric works to expand his span of self-realization.


Participating Artists:

- Leslie DE CHAVEZ

- Geraldine JAVIER