Eko NUGROHO was raised among the revolutionary environment of the 1990s Indonesian atmosphere and pour those experiences caused by the aftereffect of multiple civil revolutions into his work with a unique sense of humor and dazzling color and image. Ever since his days in Institut Seni Indonesia, he was deeply inspired by The city, Jogyakarta, which was full of desire for liberty and liberation and he tried to transform them into Street Graffiti and Street Propaganda, with the intention to follow those media pure intent to speak for the public and further, he has worked on a painting, Installation and theatric works to expand his span of self-realization. Traditional Indonesian Embroidery works, which based on his own community's workforce with his distinctive bold style, expand art from individual to social area and highlight the meaning of community.


In addition to the embroidery works, Eko NUGROHO projects its own world view through a variety of media, including animation, sculpture, traditional Indonesian art and traditional Wayang Kulit(puppet-shadow play). His work, seemingly ironic and rebellious, is presented in public such as the exterior walls of the building and the airport, creating a sense in the minds of the audience who settled with daily lives. In his work, people looking wickedly, seem to inspire questions and encourage us to constantly make voice rather than silence in rebelling against of everyday lives.


Eko NUGROHO has held solo exhibitions in various institutions and cities, including Arndt Art Agency(Berlin, Germany)in 2018, Honolulu Biennale(Honolulu, USA), Asia Society(New York, USA) in 2017, Arario Gallery I Shanghai(Shanghai, China) in 2016, and National Museum of Modern Art(Paris, France) in 2012. With his works, he has participated numerous group show such as Setouchi Triennale(Setouchi, Japan), National Museum of Australia(Australia) in 2019, M+museum(Hongkong), Jogja National Museum(Yogyakarta, Indonesia)in 2018, Venice Biennale(Venice, Italy) in 2013, KZM(Berlin, Germany), Espace Louis Vuitton(Paris, France) in 2013; as her work is part of many significant collections as of Arario Collection(Korea), A3 Collection(USA), Asia Society Museum(USA), Deutsche Bank(Germany), M+museum(Hongkong), and National Museum of Modern Art(France) among others.