Leslie DE CHAVEZ(b.1978) is an artist who cautiously unravels his own inquiry on sensitive topics like colonial history, religion, cultural imperialism, corrupt politics, revolution in which experienced by his native Philippines with expressive and intense paintings and sensuous installations. His work, captures the story of the past, the people living in the present, and the will for the future, which mainly constitutes a country of the contemporaneous Philippines and offers an extraordinary insight into the past and features an interesting and colorful expression of various critical points that are seen in contemporary society by mixed with religion and symbolic figures.


The foundation of his creative work is a deep concern about what role and function art plays in society. DE CHAVEZ captures social change and criticizes irrationality and corruption and exposes them in front, has a mysterious, personal aspect, despite brings empathy from the majority. Fragmented memories of individuals scattered over large and rough historical facts, by using it with objects or people surrounding, connect the past and present, and social and individual relationships. Interest in objects that are commonly found is the starting point for his work. His carving work is a mix of materials, urban or mechanical production, such as LEDs and sand, as well as objects once used, such as wooden boards, old monitors and clothes. Regardless of the genre, the people and the stories it's behind in his work, it captures the painful past and reality that cannot be ignored. The stories are extremely based on Filipino society and history, but it is never just a story of a particular society, but anyone can relate to it.


Leslie DE CHAVEZ has held solo exhibitions at Arario Gallery Shanghai (Shanghai, China) in 2018; Arario Gallery Seoul (Seoul, Korea) in 2016; Liverpool Hope University (Liverpool, UK) in 2015; and Silverlens (Manila, Philippines) in 2013. He has shown in group exhibitions at the Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum (Bratislava, Slovakia) in 2019; Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art (Jeju, Korea) in 2015; and Arario Museum in Space (Seoul, Korea) and López Museum and Library (Manila, Philippines) in 2014. The artist has also participated in international exhibitions including the Singapore Biennale (Singapore) in 2013; Asian Art Biennial (Taiwan) in 2011; Nanjing Triennial (China) in 2008; Pocheon Asia Biennale (Korea) in 2007; and Beppu Asia Biennale of Contemporary Art (Japan) in 2005.