BOO Jihyun (b.1979) amplifies the autobiographical memories and experiences influenced by the sea then visually reconstructs them into the space to awaken aesthetic sensibility. For the artist, the sea is an everyday environment that is closely related to life, a field of experiences and memories accumulated from the past, and a source that drives the artistic desire. The non-material elements such as darkness, sound, and horizon originating from the sea are reinterpreted through the artist's experience or memory and are realized as material elements such as fishing lights in the exhibition space. She uses fishing lamps that have reached the end of their life and are unable to light up any further to create installation works. The dreamlike, mysterious atmosphere evoked by her works awakens a new aesthetic sense in the viewer.


Scatter according to a light, BOO Jihyun's pseudo-sculpture can be an originative creation but also a ready-made object due to its reuses of the existing object at the same time. From 2007, the artist began to receive attention from the art world since using a fishing lamp as the main media for her artworks. Reinterpreted a fishing lamp which was used as an attracting fish into art to catching a sight of viewers, people can discover new scenery and sensations according to the viewpoint in a dreamy space embodied by waste fishing lamps that move slowly up and down along with red light and smoke.


BOO Jihyun held solo exhibitions at Whanki Museum (Seoul, Korea) in 2021, UNESCO HQ (Paris, France) and ARARIO MUSEUM in SPACE (Seoul, Korea) in 2018, Nori Gallery (Jeju, Korea) in 2015, and Songeun Artcube (Seoul, Korea) in 2012. She participated in the group exhibitions at Total Museum of Art (Seoul, Korea) in 2020, Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art (Jeju, Korea), GS Caltex Yeoulmaru (Yeosu, Korea) in 2019, Amorepacific Museum (Jeju, Korea) and Kim Chang Yeul Museum (Jeju, Korea) in 2017, and SOMA Museum of Art (Seoul, Korea) in 2014. BOO Jihyun was selected as an artist of the Installations Sector at Taipei Dangdai 2020 (Taipei City, Taiwan) and her works are collected at Jeju Museum of Art (Korea) and National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Korea).