SIM Raejung takes man's most base internal confessions of inherent loneliness and anxiety, extreme compulsions and obsessions, and expels them through antipodal black and white drawings full of a heavy, murky energy; only to be followed by tens of hundreds more drawings compulsively overlapped and compiled into animations. Broadly, they seem to find their start in a detailed narrative construct eaten away by the artist's personal anxieties, but the narratives of a soul eaten away, fragmented piece by piece and dispersing without bind, without pause-ironically, they come to a conclusion in fumbling attempts at, or perhaps a yearning for, communication. 


SIM Raejung was born in 1983 and received her BFA and MFA from the Department of Fine Arts at Seoul National University of Technology. Sim has held solo exhibitions at ARARIO Museum and Space Hue (2016), and has participated in a number of group exhibitions, including "60sec ART", Savina Museum of Contemporary Art, 2016, Seoul; "ARTSPECTRUM", Leeum, Samsung Art Museum, 2014, Seoul; "Young Korean Artists 2013", National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, 2013, Seoul; "Doing", Kumho Museum of Art, 2012, Seoul; "TOMORROW_OPEN ARCHIVE", SOMA Museum of Art, 2010, Seoul; among others. She was selected for the first edition of the SOMA Drawing Center Archive in 2006, and has participated in such residencies as Tokyo Wonder Site, Japan, 2013; MMCA Residency Goyang, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, 2013; SeMA NANJI Artist Residency, Seoul Museum of Art, 2015; and now, in 2018, is a resident artist at the atelier of Cité Intertionale des Arts, Paris, backed by Samsung Foundation of Culture.