Nobuko WATANABE is the crossing artist between art and music after finishing her studies in Piano at the Soai Women's University. She has developed her ideas about relationship between two contrasting subjects such as humans and materials, the past and the present, time and space, color and shape and sound and space. A style of her works that she has developed for the past 40 years is somewhat unique. We can see tension when colorful fabrics are pulled and mounted on a wooden frame; such tension creates natural curves, which can be seen as sophisticated relief sculptures.


Nobuko WATANABE is the recipient of the grand prize at the Yoshihara Jiro Art Competition (1999), while she developed her career in Europe and Japan. Later on, she hosted large-scale solo exhibitions at Aomori Contemporary Art Center (2002) and Otani Memorial Art Museum (2001). As of now, her exhibitions are going on in major cities of Germany and France and her works are included in the collections of Osaka Contemporary Art Center, Aomori Contemporary Art Center, Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art and Otani Memorial Art Museum.