LEE Jinju's work begins from questions thrown repeatedly in life. The negative events and emotions of the past, which were not even wanted, endlessly appear and disappear within the everyday life.


LEE continuously asks herself what becomes the device which arouses memories from within the uncomfortable 'ventilation' one does not wish to face, what are the common structures of memories and in what way do memories, which survived without having been forgotten, manufacture. She wonders why people with Alzheimer do not only lose memories of the past but cannot live the present and cannot imagine the future and where the boundaries are between memories, dreams and conscience. What are the afterimages of images, made by her perception from cognitive force of memory surpassing time and space, like? What becomes visible during the process of inner quest starting from these questions is recorded as her work.

From the superfluous cut to a well-made frame, following their softly soundless stories, cuddling the insignificant and petty motifs of the everyday, she discovers the unconscious sensuous layer that is hidden inside. At that moment, Lee becomes a melancholic adventurer and the everyday is reborn into things of the extraordinary.