[Exhibition] BOO Jihyun: Memory Project VI

The installation work "Net-Being" by BOO Jihyun is on view at Ansan Fishing Village Folk Museum.


"The fishing lights are always the main objects in BOO’s installation, but the exhibition environment surrounding the fishing lights are constantly evolving. The form of artwork is evolving and she is exploring infinite possibilities in the reality of artwork.


While using the fishing lights, she also brings in the elements that are directly related to the ocean, such as boats, sand, salt, and water, and actively utilizes non-material elements, such as artificial lighting, shadows, sound, and light, as her components. The relationship between the fishing lights and the ocean is approached from a broad perspective of different allegories from reproduction to metaphor. It is infinitely expanded to space installation that can be visually, psychologically, and physically interpreted and engaged by the audiences." — KIM Bog-Gi, 『The Net of Being』


BOO Jihyun
Memory Project VI
Ansan Fishing Village Folk Museum 
2022. 6. 25 - 12. 31

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