[Art Fair] JANG Jongwang: Abu Dhabi Art 2020

Arario Gallery is pleased to participate in "Sector: Material - Real (Selected by Sungwoo Kim, Curator)" at Abu Dhabi Art 2020. Arario Gallery will present a selection of five leather works by artist JANG Jongwan. JANG portrays the endless anxiety of human-centered societies and modern humanity, which emphasizes selfish rationality, from a peculiarly warm but cynical perspective. The artist's works combine colorful and seemingly lighthearted images with his acute view of contemporary society. The ironic landscape maximizes its kitschiness through the use of animal hide, symbolizing the human desire for salvation, the neglect of nature and animals, and foolish, blind faith.


VIP Preview: 17-18 November

Public Viewing: 19-26 November


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