Encounters with Soun-Gui KIM: Writings, 1975-2021

Paperback 669 pages
Publisher: Slought Foundation
ISBN: 978-1-936994-1-51

KRW 75,000


KIM Soun-Gui's collection of essays and interviews has been published. Since the 1970s, KIM Soun-Gui has drawn inspiration from Eastern and Western philosophical traditions in developing a playful and enigmatic aesthetic. For the first time, this landmark trilingual publication of 669 pages collects selected writings by and about the artist, including essays long and short, interviews, fragments, photographs, and privately circulated pronouncements, including exchanges KIM Soun-Gui has had with her contemporaries.


Follow KIM Soun-Gui as she engages her interlocutors—including philosophers Jacques Derrida and Jean-Luc Nancy, artist Nam-June Paik, and scholars Jean-Pierre Cometti and Wan-Kyong Song, among others—in conversation about art and creativity, silence and chance, and the role of technology in contemporary life.