KIM Inbai: Eliminate Points, Lines and Planes

6 March - 13 April 2014 Seoul
Press release

As seen in the title “Eliminate Points, Lines and Planes,” Inbai Kim (b. 1978)’s solo exhibition begins with negating the most basic properties of art – points, lines and planes. Eliminate them all. This is, from a narrow perspective, a denial of existing formative language, and from a wider point of view, a push against the system that appears to constitute the world. Kim’s works expose how all the meanings and concepts we believe to exist are in fact man-made limitations, and deals with our own existence fettered by such restrictions. The absurdity of existence is presented in the form of a contrast between light and darkness in the exhibition.

This exhibition consists of a dramatic contrast between the bright space underground and the dark areas on the second level. The pieces in the bright room symbolize our reason, ruled by or upholding points, lines and planes. The bright room itself is like a shrine dedicated to points, lines and planes. In contrast, the dark space represents the pain in the world that lies beneath; points, lines and panes are intertwined in, and pained by the dark room.

Kim has been attracting attention as a young artist wielding most unique formative language in the Korean art scene. His works are owned and presented by key art institutions such as Seoul Museum of Art, Daegu Art Museum, Uli Sigg and various individual collectors.

Installation Views