KIM Byoungho: Enchantment: A2

25 August - 21 October 2018 Shanghai
Press release

KIM Byoungho (b. 1974, Korea) is an artist creating new sculptural vocabulary in contemporary art. The sculpture of KIM doesn’t represent any human body nor show any experimental exploration of the material or form of the origin. The artist regards his artworks as mechanical products, therefore he only executes the production of elaborated design drawings, and supervises all manufacturing processes in the factory with the cooperation of engineers.


KIM Byoungho’s art works are not welded together, but assembled by the mass-produced metal components according to blueprints. The artist constructs them with geometric modules in an ascent order, and these identical elements with well-finished surfaces assemble into a monumental majesty, while an abundant of reflections shine on one another, impressing the passers-by with a feeling of enchantment. The artworks are almost like the result of enlarging the environment with that people in today’s society face, which is full of various visual temptations, to the extreme. KIM believes that being enchanted is a significant pre-stage before cultivating a skeptical attitude towards the self-existence controlled by social norms and regulations.


Therefore, KIM Byoungho formulated the title Enchantment for this solo exhibition in Arario Gallery Shanghai, the etymology of which comes from the ancient mantra “chanting as if spellbound”. Through the two large-scale installation works on display, the artist hopes to discuss the blind faith in vision and the hidden doubts behind.


KIM Byoungho’s works have been permanently collected by international institutions including New World Group Hong Kong, Kulturamt der Stadt Frankfurt am Main, SK View Park Project of Seoul, Jeju Museum of Art, Museum of Art Seoul National University, Seoul, Hyundai Motor Company, Seoul, and Amore Pacific Museum of Art, Yongin.

Installation Views