[Art Fair] JANG Jongwan: OPPO Art Jakarta Virtual 2020

For OPPO Art Jakarta Virtual 2020 Session 3, Arario Gallery is pleased to present a curated selection from artist JANG Jongwan’s (b.1983) works who have been actively expanding the boundaries of contemporary art. JANG Jongwan portrays the endless anxiety of human-centered societies and modern humanity, which emphasizes selfish rationality, in a peculiar warm but cynical perspective. His paintings, in a classical way, mix with the artist's view of contemporary society. Unlike the so-called "barbershop", which has an impression of easy and familiar, work is full of pity and ridicule that makes the viewer discover a new meaning. The ironic landscape maximizes its kitschiness by being drawn on the back of the animal skin, a mixture of human wishes for salvation, neglected nature and animals, blind and insanity beliefs.


JANG Jongwan held solo exhibitions at Arario Museum in Space (Seoul, Korea) in 2020, Arario Gallery I Seoul in 2017, Kumho Museum of Art (Seoul) and Willing & Dealing (Seoul, Korea) in 2014, He also participated in group exhibition such as Seoul 284 (Seoul, Korea) in 2020, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Cheongju, Korea and BOAN (Seoul, Korea) in 2019, Yeosu International Arts Festival (Yoesu, Korea) and Seoul Museum of Art (Seoul, Korea) in 2018, Hite Collection(Seoul, Korea) in 2017, Arario Museum Tapdong Bike Shop(Jeju, Korea) in 2015, Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale (Shenzhen, China) and Daegu Art Museum (Daegu, Korea) in 2014, Arko Museum (Seoul, Korea) in 2012, Alt Space Loop (Seoul, Korea) in 2011, Doosan Gallery (Seoul, Korea) in 2009.


2020. 12. 16 - 2021. 1. 15

Public Viewing: 16 December 2020

16 December 2020
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