[Exhibition] PARK Youngsook: Piercer

PARK Youngsook's "WOMAD" series features in "piercer" at SeMA Storage. The group exhibition highlights 15 works by ten women artists from the SeMA Collection. Due to COVID-19, an online tour of the exhibition will be available later this month.


"'Womad' is a newly coined word of woman and nomad. Womad indicates the women who live as the lamp light in the center of modern maternal society and new nomadic society ... Womad appropriated by the artist is not a goddess of the past, but a wise and therapeutic 21st century goddess with subversive stance and alternative view to cope with the present earthly phenomenon and future world." - excerpt from "Mad Women Project (1999-2005) of PARK Youngsook" by KIM Honghee, Former Director of SeMA


PARK Youngsook
Piercer: SeMA Collection Exhibition 
SeMA Storage
2020. 1. 5 - 2021. 1. 17

5 January 2021
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