[Publication] JUNG Kangja: Gallery of Women Artists

"Gallery of Women Artists" has been published in order to redefine the biased narrative of art history through the introduction of 15 Korean and international women artists, who are representative of modern and contemporary art. Chapter 15 "Dreaming of Liberation for Oppressed Women: Capturing the Hope of Freedom through the Canvas" details and examines the life and practice of artist JUNG Kangja.

"The hanbok is a flag that represents not only the oppression, infringed by male chauvinism for thousands of years but also the slow ascent towards freedom from repression as well as the silent acceptance of unresolved grief and resentment against injustices suffered by Korean women." - JUNG Kangja, Artist

JUNG Kangja, Monument of Hanbok, 1998, Oil on canvas, 162.2 x 130.3 cm
JUNG Kangja, Flower and Two Women, 1990, Acrylic on canvas, 162 x 122 cm

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1 February 2021
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