[Exhibition] Nalini MALANI: 2021 MMCA Collection Highlight: Absurdist Fantasy

Nalini MALANI's "The Tables Have Turned" (2008) is currently on view at "2021 MMCA Collection Highlight: Absurdist Fantasy" along with works by William KENTRIDGE and YANG Fudong. This work was also exhibited at the fiftieth anniversary exhibition of MMCA Korea, "The Square: Art and Society 1900-2019) Part 3".

"In her installation "The Tables Have Turned", Nalini MALANI intersperses symbolic images of fables about disasters and violence that threaten the lives of individuals. Projected as shadows, the images of the Bible, history, and myth represent the “Kalighat School” of painting, which originated in West Bengal in the nineteenth century, when painters were first beginning to depict social and political motifs. Malani’s innovative technique of using a turntable to rotate images, which she has been using since the early 1990s, was inspired by Buddhist prayer wheels and represents the aspiration for change." - MMCA

2021 MMCA Collection Highlight: Absurdist Fantasy
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Gwacheon
2020. 12. 23 - 2021. 5. 30

Nalini MALANI, The Tables Have Turned, 2008, Thirty-two turn tables, reversed painted mylar cylinders, halogen lights, sound, 20'00"


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23 December 2020
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