[Exhibition] WON Seoungwon: LETTER (to us)

If you are in Berlin, make sure to check out WON Seoungwon's "The Sea of Journalists", which is currently being shown at the Treptower next to the Elsenbrücke bridge over the Spree. Organized by DISKURS Berlin, the billboard exhibition "LETTER (to us)" offers a chance for people to approach art in the everyday, rising above challenges faced by COVID-19 and the strict formality of gallery spaces. "The Sea of Journalists", while seemingly familiar at a glance, is in fact an amalgamation of dreams, love, intuition, loss, threat, and pain, situated in the depth of WON’s imagination.


WON Seoungwon 

Billboard Exhibition LETTER (to us)

The Elsenbrücke bridge over the Spree at Treptower Park

2021. 4. 19 - 5. 7



Korea Foundation

19 April 2021
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