[Exhibition] JU Anqi: When Speed Become Form - Live In Your Screen

Arario artist and Chinese film director JU Anqi is featured in a new group exhibition called "When Speed Become Form—Live In Your Screen" at Wind H Art Center, which opened on Friday 28 August.

For this exhibition, the museum invited several artists from China to create short video works from 15 to 60 seconds using their mobile phones. Responding to the context of "online art" and "screen art," JU Anqi created a work named "Tunnel of the Brokenhearted." In this work, the tunnel becomes a symbol of the past life and rebirth, where the brokenhearted are chasing each other as if there is no end.

JU Anqi
When Speed Become Form—Live In Your Screen
Wind H Art Center
2020. 8. 28 - 10. 25

28 August 2020
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