[Exhibition] ZHENG Huan, LIANG Manqi, ZHU Xiangmin: The Sequel of Light

“Pirate Lovers” by ZHENG Huan, “Conception of Parallel Event No.6” by LIANG Manqi and “Born to Play 4” by ZHU Xiangmin are currently on view in a group show "The Sequel of Light" at YONGFU C52, Shanghai. As a parallel event of the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival, the show, located at one of the birthplaces of Shanghai films, regards the film language as a clue, and stimulates a deep conversation with the combination of Contemporary Art and Film Art.


ZHENG Huan, LIANG Manqi and ZHU Xiangmin
The Sequel of Light
House No. 52 Yongfu Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
2021.7.8~ (Invitation Only)

13 July 2021
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