[Exhibition] UM Tai-Jung: L’Académie des Arts de Corée

The National Academy of Arts, Republic Korea this time holds a meaningful group exhibition of Korean modern and contemporary artists at the Korean Cultural Center in Paris and here, the first generation Korean abstract sculptor UM Tai-Jung’s meditative sculptural work is on display. The artist has ceaselessly examined material and form and has been working with metal materials such as steel, copper and aluminum for over five decades. The results of his abstract works are a projection of the body and mind of the artist himself.


“My work is material. Sculptures are material. As art requires materials for its formation, art itself is none other than material. One could even say I am a material enthusiast.” –UM Tai-Jung-


UM Tai-Jung
Exhibition by National Academy of Arts, Republic Korea
(L’Académie des Arts de Corée)
Centre Culturel Coréen, Paris, France
2021. 10. 6 - 11. 10

23 October 2021
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