[Exhibition] RYU In: Solo Exhibition

Sculptural works by RYU In (1956-1999) are realistic and powerful depictions of the human body where the sculptor threw his whole body and soul into his works in struggle. His works show the artist's intense will and the pain of the times. During the short period of ten years, he has left many important works, receiving great attention in the art world but unfortunately departed from this world at a young age of 43, leaving us with great regret.


This exhibition presents 24 of RYU In's important works, carefully selected amongst 70 of his works, to show in depth his artistic vision. Even now, 20 years later, his works that show the intense human energy about life still gives us a deep impression.


Solo Exhibition 
GS Caltex Yeulmaru, Yeosu
2022. 1. 7 - 2. 22

10 January 2022
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