[Exhibition] Nalini MALANI, SUN Xun: New Collections 2020

Video works by Nalini MALANI and SUN Xun respectively, are currently being exhibited at Daejeon Museum of Art. "In Search of Vanished Blood" by MALANI amplifies the effect of colliding and overlapping themes and images through the artist's unique techniques.


"Tears of Chiwen" by SUN, first presented by Arario Gallery Seoul at his solo exhibition in 2017, explores the cultural, historical, and regional commonalities between China and Korea—two countries that share similarities in the history of the modern era.


Nalini MALANI, SUN Xun
New Acquisitions 
Daejeon Museum of Art 
2021. 12. 7 - 2022. 2. 2

13 January 2022
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