[Exhibition] RYU In: The Witness of Times

SON Sangki and RYU In, each dealt with the theme of "Nanjido" in their own way and captured the times of the 1980s and 1990s. RYU's "Earth-Nanjido" portrays victims who have been sacrificed in a suppressed social structure. The two artists who fiercely contemplated existential conditions during their short life, breathed with the times, and burned their artistic soul, making a big mark in art history.


Shown in this exhibition, is also RYU In's last work that depicts the transformation of a human into a tree, which makes us contemplate and ask fundamental questions about human life and death.


The Witness of Times. SON Sangki & RYU In
Exhibition for Establishing Yeosu City Museum of Art
Expo Art Gallery, Yeosu
2022. 4. 13 - 7. 3

16 April 2022
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