[Exhibition] Keiji UEMATSU: Deutsche Kunst im 20. Jahrhundert

Keiji UEMATSU is currently showing at "Deutsche Kunst im 20. Jahrhundert (German 20th Century Art)" at the Tokushima Modern Art Museum. This group exhibition highlights works that have been essential to the development of 20th century German art. UEMATSU, immigrating to Germany in 1975, has since been active across both Japan and Germany. The artist's interest in the relationship and role between the body and the object, the object and the environment, and everything in between, becomes the foundation for his works. Featuring experimental black and white photography works by the artist, the show is available on view until 6 December.

Deutsche Kunst im 20. Jahrhundert
Tokushima Modern Art Museum
2020. 10. 17 - 12. 6

17 October 2020
of 416