[Project] Nalini MALANI: In Search of Vanished Blood

"In Search of Vanished Blood" is a commission for the M+ Facade by moving image artist Nalini MALANI. Comprising live-action performance, animation, drawing, painting, and found footage, this video is tailored for display on the M+ Facade in a bold visual dialogue with Hong Kong’s dynamic skyline. Complementing the solo exhibition in the Studio at M+, "In Search of Vanished Blood" continues her longstanding artistic investigation into the effects of war, violence, and the repression of women.


Nalini MALANI 
In Search of Vanished Blood 
M+ Facade, Hong Kong
2022. 8. 5 - 10. 30 (19:00 - 21:10)
* The weekends only 8 - 30 October

9 August 2022
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