[Exhibition] UM Tai-Jung: Dream and Rejoice of Silver Wings

The solo exhibition by UM Tai-Jung "Dream and Rejoice of Silver Wings" is held at Arario Museum in Space. UM became fascinated by the materiality of steel while attending Seoul National University in the 1960s, setting foot into the path of metal sculpting. For more than half a century, the artist has devoted his body and soul in dealing with metal, and to him sculpturing is a process of contemplating objects and approaching its inherent essence while discovering his true self. The exhibition embodies UM’s most recent works, as well as never before seen pieces made in 1960s, two-dimensional works, drawings and works from the 1970s and 80s.


UM Tai-Jung
Dream and Rejoice of Silver Wings
Arario Museum in Space
2022. 8. 24 - 2023. 2. 26

23 August 2022
of 297