[Exhibition] KWON Hayoun: The Gold Rush

Arario artist KWON Hayoun features in “The Gold Rush”, a group exhibition at Ilmin Museum of Art. The exhibition examines historical records dating back to the gold mining era of the 1920s in colonial Gyeonseong and reconstructs memories of the past from a contemporary perspective.

KWON presents a new work for this exhibition, which was inspired by PAK Taewon's novel "A Day in the Life of Kubo the Novelist" (1934). Experience not only the splendor of 1920s Gyeongseong but also the grief and sadness of the people masked behind flashing lights through KWON's VR installation.

KWON Hayoun

The Gold Rush
Ilmin Museum of Art
2020. 10. 8 - 12. 27

8 October 2020
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