[Exhibition] Jompet KUSWIDANANTO: Scoring the Words

Jompet KUSWIDANANTO is participating in the group exhibition "Scoring the Words", taking place at Seoul Museum of Art. This Indonesian artist takes Indonesia’s particular complex cultural landscape and irrational social-historical structure resulting from its long suffering as a colony, as well as the joys and sorrows and deliberations on survival and adaptation within a boundary space borne by those under the heavy fist of colonization, and extricates them not only from an Indonesian stratigraphy, but from the worldwide context to disentangle these quandaries.


Disembodied forms, their lives lost to history, standing in file, and their soulless mechanical clapping, drums beating without a performer, that vestige and symbol of colonial rule, the chandelier—his arrangement of such elements is a frank expression of an inescapable identity long-formed in colonial culture, and the despair and struggle of the individual surviving through it all.


Scoring the Words 
Seoul Museum of Art 
2022. 9. 1- 11. 20

30 August 2022
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