[Exhibition] Nalini MALANI: My Reality is Different

The recent video work by Nalini MALANI, "My Reality is Different", is currently being exhibited at the Holburne Museum, Bath, and will be shown at the National Gallery, London in March 2023. This immersive panoramic video work covers over 40 meters of wall, with 25 striking new animations being played in a continuous loop. The inspiration for these animations are based on a selection of artworks by Jan van der Venne and Johann Zoffany from the Holburne Museum collection, and by Caravaggio and Bronzino from the National Gallery collection. MALANI is the first female artist who has received the National Gallery’s Contemporary Fellowship.


Nalini MALANI 
My Reality is Different
The Holburne Museum, Bath 2022. 10. 7 – 2023. 1. 8
The National Gallery, London 2023. 3. 2 – 6. 11

12 October 2022
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