[Exhibition] PARK Youngsook: Return of the Witch

The solo exhibition by PARK Youngsook, "The Return of the Witch", is on view at Arario Museum Tapdong Cinema. The artist, who has played a major role in the history of Korean photography and the feminist movement, has been working with portrait photography that highlights the sexuality of women, which was considered incomplete and a target of subversive exclusion from society.


Comprised of the artist's major works, which visualize the body of women, the solo exhibition will also showcase PARK's landscape photography series that illustrates her persistent attempt, curiosity and investigation of a woman’s life and the fundemantality of the female spirit.


PARK Youngsook 
Return of the Witch 
Arario Museum Tapdong Cinema 
2022. 10. 22 - 2023. 8. 27

21 October 2022
of 365