[Exhibition] WON Seoung Won: Freezing Point of All

The solo exhibition by WON Seoung Won, "Freezing Point of All", is being held at Museum Hanmi. WON transforms hundreds of images taken by herself in to picturesque, fantastic scenes through means of sophisticated computer techniques and she tells the stories of her personal acquaintances. The new works introduced in this exhibition started from the curiosity on the sense of inferiority found in our inner selves.


"Freezing Point of All" is a metaphor for the state in which inferiority us revealed through people's interactions. The freezing point signifies the intersecting point for contradicting natures such as freezing water and melting ice. Here WON focuses on the displacement and integration of contradicting things, and tries to express discordant harmony existent in our inner feelings.


WON Seoung Won 
Freezing Point of All 
Museum Hanmi
2022. 11. 18 - 2023. 1. 29

19 November 2022
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