[News] [DMA Collection] Koo Bonjoo's "Mystery I".

Koo Bon-joo (1967-2003) has focused on figure sculptures that express the times through human figures. From the 1980s, when Koo Bon-joo started working, to 2003 when he died, it was the class that consistently paid attention. From the late 1980s to the early 1990s, he continued to work on behalf of the working class. Since 1993, when Korean society gradually stabilized, there have been changes in the objects and methods of expression. It dealt with the sorrows of office workers living in the city, and preferred satirical and humorous expressions, stretching the human body, lightly describing it, rather than rough and realistic human expressions. "Mystery I" is a work produced in 1995, which depicts two office workers in suits running in wood. The exaggerated gestures of the long neck and limbs that desperately move to move forward contain the arduous life of a salaryman who has to move forward in a society of infinite competition. It is a work in which the sorrows and compassion of life are deeply buried behind delicate and humorous expressions. Koo Bon-joo's expression is a salary man, but they cry and laugh with the public as representatives of our time.
Oct 23, 2023
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