[Event] Kohei NAWA: Musée du Louvre

Kohei NAWA |  Throne |  Musée du Louvre


ARARIO congratulates Kohei NAWA's Throne installation at Pyramid of the Musée du Louvre, Paris!

NAWA has created this enormous “floating vacant throne” as an expression of his sense that information technology and artificial intelligence will eventually take the place of the ultimate forces that lie behind politics and the economy. The throne has its roots in the floats often found in Asian religious ceremonies and festivals. He fused this form with the technique of gold leafing said to originate in Egypt over two millennia ago and the latest 3D modeling systems to create a sculptural piece 10.4 meters in height. During the six months of its exhibition, this work suspended in the center of the Pyramid invites us to consider the legacy of the systems of power and authority that have been a ceaseless presence since the beginning of civilization, and think about what we can expect for the future.

13 July 2018
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