Subodh GUPTA was born in 1964, Khagual, Bihar, the seat of Buddhist learning. He studied at the College of Art, Patna before moving to New Delhi where he currently lives and works. Trained as a painter, he went on to experiment with a variety of media. His work has stood out in major international biennials and has been the subject of numerous solo exhibitions across Asia, Europe and America. GUPTA is not only India's most well-known artist, he has directed attention to some of the cultural concerns in South Asia. In a highly reductive language he combines formalism with a wry, incisive understanding of symbols and forms used in contemporary India. Village to city migration, the charged and unpredictable encounter with globalism and cultural hybridity are significant concepts in his work. As a sculptor, GUPTA's use of material is always strategic and deeply expressive of a conceptual context.