3 November 2017 - 7 January 2018 Shanghai
Press release
As the second solo show for the recognized international artist Kohei Nawa in China, the exhibition presents a comprehensive view of the large-scale installation, VESSEL, in 24 meters. It was inspired and developed from the homonymic performance work by Kohei Nawa and a choreographer, Damien Jalet.

By combining 20 sculptural figures on a 24-meter long stage with the special designed sound effect, VESSEL will be displayed in the individual space of Arario Gallery Shanghai as a highlight of the exhibition. Three years before, the homonymic performance work was screened through Kohei Nawa’s first solo exhibition in Arario Gallery Shanghai, the concept of life and death, or, the idea of “liquefying” and “dissolving” was represented by the distinctive “headless” pose and melded bodies and left a memorable experience to audiences. As a continuation, VESSEL installation extracts sculptural performing physiques and transforms them into a sculpture group concealing gender and identity. It blends various fascinating moments and represents into a collective installation, as well as, converts the figurative bodies into abstract shapes and encompasses with sounds. Consequently, VESSEL installation provides another form of visualization, retaining the experimental fusion but unfold a panoramic view to spectators. The special material of silicon carbide powder is spread on the sculpture’s surface as well as on the large-scale stage, transcending genres of art forms. Ultimately, the installation widens the visual experience, which goes beyond dynamic motions and static states.

Besides the remarkable VESSEL installation, Throne sculpture is another major piece in the exhibition. Through featuring a boy siting on the throne, the imagination of infinite inspiration extends, transcending the object, form and boundaries. To develop a symmetrical but classical aesthetics, the work combines together different techniques such as 3D modeling system, traditional Japanese lacquer and gold foil technique, turning out to be a divine and nostalgic object.
Installation Views