[Exhibition] JANG Jongwan: Welcome Back

JANG Jongwan participates in "Welcome Back", a group show curated by BAE Enna and KIM Sungwoo at Space ISU, which opens today. The direct translation of the exhibition title, "Orbital Resonance", refers to the atrophysical state as a result of two celestial bodies exerting attraction.

"This exhibition, coming together under themes of 'harmony' and 'coexistence', aims to question the role of art (everyday) by making everyday (art) unfamiliar. In the midst of COVID 19, where collective values are being questioned, 'Where should art return to?' leads to 'Who are you welcoming' and 'Where are you coming back to'. This brings us back to the beginning of every moment in our lives, a multi-layered space-time created by the difference between realization and perception within the spiralling axis of time drawn by the orbit." - BAE Enna, KIM Sungwoo, Curators

JANG Jongwan
Welcome Back 
Space ISU
2020. 12. 3 - 2021. 1. 29

3 December 2020
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