[Gallery] KONG Sunghun (1965-2021)

We regret to inform the passing of artist KONG Sunghun (1965-2021), who passed away on 11 January 2021.

KONG Sunghun is an artist who draws scenes from nature, which has transformed into a theatrical device. The nature he paints is full of sublime and solemnity, but it has a sense of familiarity and rigidness. The nature he depicts seems to bear a gaze, with its original light suppressed, like a historic place on a memorial postcard. His landscapes impart the enduring power that always remains beyond human control. His paintings, which appear to be a landscape at first glance, are transformed into secularization by human traces that occupy a small part of the whole, revealing the insignificance and uselessness of our reality that attempts to objectify nature.

Since 2001, he has been a professor of Fine Art at the School of Arts, Sungkyunkwan University. In 2019, the artist won the Lee In-Seong Academy Award (Korea), and 'Artist of the Year' award at National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Korea) in 2013.

May he rest in peace.

11 January 2021
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