[Exhibition] JING Shijian: 次9

The solo exhibition "次9" by JING Shijian is being held at Powerlong Museum from 24 September. The Chinese title of the exhibition “次9” was proposed by JING himself, “次” refers to the new world created by the "metaverse", and "9" represents infinity. The works on view reflect his experimentation prompted by new technologies and new human worldviews.


From the 1980s till now, the artist has committed to the research and creation of contemporary art. He focuses on the research of contemporary art in the global context and forming his own unique artistic language structure and words & grammar, through a series of solo exhibitions to outline the continuous thoughts of creations. With his own experience and art creations in the recent decades of world change, his works reveal the multicultural visual landscape of historical, social and future artistic ruptures and fragments.


JING Shijian 
Powerlong Museum, Shanghai
2022. 9. 24 - 11. 3

22 September 2022
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