[Exhibition] BOO Jihyun: Radiant Echoes Echo

The installation work by BOO Jihyun, "Where Is It Going?", is on display at the group exhibition "Radiant Echoes Echo" taking place at Suwon Museum of Art, Art Space Gwanggyo. In this work—first introduced at GS Yeulmaru in 2022—BOO visualizes the "water cycle" through the ripples and movements in the shadow that flows from the water droplets, which are created in the process of this cycle. Consequently, the unfolding of this process allows BOO to open up a field of artistic discourse about the future and the environment.


BOO Jihyun 
Radiant Echoes Echo 
Suwon Museum of Art (Gwanggyo) 
2022. 10. 14 - 12. 9

14 October 2022
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