[Exhibition] KWON Hayoun: BOMULSUN 3.0 Unlock the Secret

The new 3D animated VR work "Peach Garden 2" by KWON Hayoun is on view at the "New Technology Based Content Lab Showcase: BOMULSUN 3.0 Unlock the Secret" taking place at the Asia Culture Center. This interactive work shows the virtual peach garden "Mureungdowon", an intermediate space that is situated between dreams and reality. Inspired by the cultural heritage of Nam-do, which depicts the ideal natural world, the images and motifs that are found in the work references traditional 18th century literary paintings from the Chosun Dynasty. The work, which has been expanded, reduced, and transformed through 3D generated computer graphics, invites the audience to enter and interact with its virtual garden.


KWON Hayoun
BOMULSUN 3.0 Unlock the Secret 
Asia Culture Center 
2022. 10. 18 – 11. 6

25 October 2022
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