[Exhibition] LEE Jinju: Confined Composition Part 1

The solo exhibition by LEE Jinju, "Confined Composition Part 1", is on view at Arario Museum Tapdong Cinema. "Confined Composition" is about the 'imperfect act of seeing' where the work concentrates on the act of 'seeing'. This work placed in the middle of the small exhibition room as if creating another room of its own, there is only a small passage wide enough for one person to pass through between the work and the wall. To see the picture no matter how far you step backwards, one can only take a step back so there is not much change in the view.


This work makes the viewer feel that distortion is inevitable when we see and perceive the world, and that it is sometimes impossible to see as a whole due to blind spots. Based on her persistent observation of life and reality, LEE delicately depicts pieces of memories or symbolic objects of everyday life that traces back to the past, which leads to creating a strange and unfamiliar landscapes based on reality.


LEE Jinju 
Confined Composition Part 1 
Arario Museum Tapdong Cinema 
2022. 10. 22 - 2023. 8. 27

26 October 2022
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