[Exhibition] Kohei NAWA: Meiji Jingu

Kohei NAWA will be participating in two presentations at the Meiji Jingu in celebration of the 100th anniversary of its enthronement. The artist has developed a body of work that, together with his unique treatment of sculptural surface, poses phenomenological questions on the essence of the subject. This is a special opportunity to experience the artist's works beyond the walls of an art institution. NAWA's sculpture "Ho/Oh" is located at the South Gate of Meiji Jingu until 3 November in conjunction with the special nighttime prayers at the shrine. Additionally, his "White Deer" sculpture is on view outside the Meiji Jingu Museum until 13 December.

Kohei NAWA
Meiji Jingu
Ho/Oh ~ 2020. 11. 3
White Deer ~ 2020. 12. 13

1 November 2020
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