GWON Osang(b. 1974) is a sculptor who has constantly questioned the identity of the sculpture and tried to converge new experimental media into the new form structure. His varied approach for exploring the existence of sculptures is composed of five series, Deodorant Type, The Sculpture, The Flat, New Structure, and Relief. The "deodorant type" was shaped in ‘ISO-pink(hardened Styrofoam)’ to break the notion that sculpture must be heavy, and the outer edges were covered with hundreds of photographs directly taken or collected for supporting light sculptures and expanded the sculpture while presenting new materials.


"The Sculpture" is a series that unravels the meaning of traditional sculptures that try to realize the ideal of the time in the closest proximity to reality. Considering the definition of sculpture by using bronze, a traditional material of sculpture, to bring the high-value consumers, the ideal of the 21st century such as Lamborghini and Bugatti, close to the actual shape but makes the surface treatment which has not been refined, unlike the traditional method. "New Structure" is a series of works that have been expanded to three dimensions by adding Alexander Calder's Stabile concept to the "Plat" series. The series, which mainly occupies space with aluminum structures, adds to the characteristics of existing image acquisition and placement, and artist who travels between 2D and 3D, the question of "the relationship between sculpture and space". The latest series, "Relief," is a new method of traditional carving, by building the two-dimensional plane in three dimensions, after realizing the exclusive image collection and arrangement on a flat, original version.


GWON Osang held a solo exhibition at Arario Gallery I Shanghai (Shanghai, China) and Arario Gallery I Seoul (Seoul, Korea) in 2016. Other solo exhibitions were held worldwide, such as Hermes (Sydney, Australia) in 2016, Okinawa contemporary Art Center (Okinawa, Japan) in 2015, HADA contemporary (London, UK) in 2013, and Manchester Art Gallery (Manchester, UK) in 2008. Participating in the group exhibitions were held at the Arario Gallery Seoul I-rise Hotel (Seoul, Korea) in 2018, the National Museum of Contemporary Art (Seoul, Korea) in 2015, the Singapore Museum of Contemporary Art (Singapore) in 2014, the Saatchi Gallery (London, UK) in 2010, the Burger Collection in 2009 (Berlin, Germany), the Bologna Museum of Contemporary Art (Bologna, Italy) in 2004, and the FOAM (Amsterdam, Netherlands) in 2003. He also participated, in 2014, Busan Biennale (Busan, Korea) and the Asian Art Triennial (Manchester, UK) in 2008. Besides, GWON Osang has worked collaborations with a variety of brands, including Jaguar, BMW and Hermes, to present contemporary art closer to the public.