[NFT] Klip Drops: NOH Sangho, DON Sunpil, GWON Osang

NOH Sangho, DON Sunpil and GWON Osang's NFT works will be released on the Kakao blockchain "Klip Drops". Limited digital works, which are to be dropped through the Kakaotalk application, can be collected either as editions or as auctioned pieces. Please stay tuned and do not miss this great opportunity to experience the special digital works of our three artists!


For more information: https://www.klipdrops.com/


NOH Sangho : 2021. 8. 4 (WED)
DON Sunpil : 2021. 8. 15 (SUN)
GWON Osang : 2021. 8. 29 (SUN)

31 July 2021
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